The Next Level of Video Management

Protect your most important assets with our all-in-one video platform

Comprehensive Video Management

Protect your assets and personnel on-site and globally

The award-winning NLSS Unified Platform is a unified solution that combines video management and access control with edge analytics into a single, easy-to-use networked platform. Its features are completely accessible and controllable from anywhere through our Desktop App and it includes advanced deployment tools such as auto-discovery and provisioning.

As one of the only truly integrated IP video and IP access control systems with optional cloud management available anywhere, its architecture, features, and scalability make it the most exciting system in the security marketplace today.


Full-featured Video Management


1 Site to 1000’s of Sites in one platform


Monitor live events from multiple sites from Cloud Services


Custom Site Permissions managed in Cloud


Create custom views and sequences – tours


Pull video from multiple sites to a single view


Immediately view video from events as they happen


Custom Groups and Device Mapping


Open doors remotely from camera views


Flexible reporting system for all events


Link cameras and doors for easy monitoring

Built-in Access Control right out of the box

IP Video Management

The Next Level in Video Management
The core of the NLSS Gateway is its fully featured video management system, which is networked from the ground-up with all system components to offer a comprehensive view of a facility’s security operations. The NLSS Gateway supports ONVIF cameras and encoders, as well as other manufacturers protocols, notably including, Axis, Hanwha, NLSS Cameras, Bosch, and others.

The NLSS Gateway interface gives users the ability to access their  video system from most computers, tablets or smartphones. This system  offers the ability for event-based monitoring of facilities and locations providing situational awareness to Security Personnel and Authorities.

View Live & Recorded Video

Sophisticated search and viewing tools.

  • Watch live surveillance video
  • Search through video timeline or event log for specific surveillance footage
  • Record & export video
  • Fast Forward (FF), Rewind (RW) & Pause


Tools to streamline your Video Management workflow

Quickly locate cameras with the Camera Thumbnail View

Search events and view associated video

Use export tools to save or email video footage

Complete Camera & Video Control

  • Manually control PTZ, set presets.
  • View both live and recorded video

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

  • Built-in reporting module based on specific camera and anlytic events.
  • Customize your report with specified timeframes and views.
  • Print and export to multiple formats

Automated Camera Discovery & Provisioning

Easily deploy cameras and other edge devices. On initial installation, the NLSS Gateway will ‘find’ all Next Level supported devices and display them for you to choose


View surveillance footage and control cameras remotely across multiple sites *

  • Access multiple sites from one interface
  • Video Management, Access Control, Intrusion, Analytics and more all in one intuitive interface.
  • Remote Access through our Desktop App
  • Access live surveillance video, door controls, event management and more.
  • View multiple cameras and even multiple sites
  • Stream video simultaneously to a single and multiple displays.

* requires NLSS Cloud Services

Event Monitoring

Incident management system with automatic response

NextEvent is the Gateway’s enhanced event management and linkage system. Event management prioritizes events and sets notifications and actions to be linked to single or multiple events.

For example, an access denied alarm can set the corresponding area’s camera PTZ to a preset position.

Set-up alarms for specific events:

  • Motion
  • Doors Access
  • System Status/Warnings
  • Analytics such as object moved or motion.

Click on event in event log or floorplan to pull up event pop-up, then click to view associated video footage

Set up notifications to your phone or email

  • Correlated Event Management – Events are created in response to video, access control and video analytics inputs
  • Automatic Event Response – Link incoming events such as motion or access denied with a specific action such as PTZ motion or email send

Search video in a variety of ways, set-up alarms, archive video.

Search video in two ways:

  • Standard Timeline
  • Traditional Event Table Log

Archive recorded events with sophisticated logging tools

Advanced Filters / Event Thumbnail View

Click on Event for video play pop-up

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