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Our Unified Platform provides fully integrated Access Control and VMS in the same product

The NLSS Platform includes a fully integrated IP-access control system giving users one interface for both of these critical functions.  Users can access and interface with the system from anywhere that they have access to the internet.  Our unified platform simplifies the installation process by incorporating auto-discovery and auto-provisioning for access control edge devices into its core capabilities. Additionally, a complete cardholder database with badge creation and printing tools are included at no extra cost.

Key Features

  • Integration with leading IP-enabled access control vendors; including HID.
  • Full line of access control panels, readers, and card technologies.
  • Single & Multi-door and PoE reader support.
  • Auto-discovery and provisioning of IP edge devices.
  • Complete cardholder database, enrollment and access rights.
  • Embedded badge creation and printing tools.
  • Remote door control through our Desktop App and mobile applications.
  • The Next Level Access Control System scales from small standalone deployments to large-scale deployments with hundreds of doors and multiple sites.
  • Our Access Control system integrates sophisticated access control and cardholder database functionality into the interface.
    • Track cardholders
    • Complete cardholder database
    • Embedded badge creation
    • Remote Door Controls via Mobile and Desktop App

Remotely control doors using our Desktop App and mobile applications

Use integrated floor plans to show your access control devices

Complete cardholder database for tracking and badge creation

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