Software only option

Our open platform means you can Bring-Your-Own-Device to customize for your specific needs.

Use your own hardware

Some customers may need or want to use their own hardware for their security systems.  Using customer-supplied hardware and installing our software has many advantages for certain customers.  Some of the advantages are:

  • If your business has standardized with a certain provider/manufacturer, there is no need to go outside those standards for your security system.
  • Some advanced technical users may require certain hardware specifications or component choices that are not available with our NVR’s
  • Our software can be installed on any Intel® server platform, you may install a virtual only version.
  • Software only allows much more flexibility to scale as you may start ‘small’ and expand as needed and you are not restricted to our NVR offerings

Please contact our Sales team to see if a software only option is right for your business.
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