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In today’s new normal, it has been more and more difficult to be prepared for the various security, health and safety issues at Events and Venues for Sporting, Entertainment and other mass attended events. These complex problems include but are not limited to emergency incidents, large crowds, a part-time work force and heavy traffic flow. Managing such events requires a Unified approach and the NLSS Security Platform can be one of these key components for creating safe and effective management of any size venue.

Key features and benefits of NLSS for Venue Security

  • Keep Your Patrons, Fans, and Guests Safe
  • VIP personal protection via Access Control and Specific Entry and Exits
  • ID and access control at key entry and exit locations
  • Monitor Magnetometers and Screening Entry locations with Video Surveillance
  • Emergency response, First Aid, and AED via Duress Buttons and Automated & Monitored Alerts
  • Monitor and Identify Aggressive Behavior
  • Monitor Real Time Crowd, traffic, and parking control
  • Real-time collaboration with first responders by providing them with immediate real-time access to security cameras providing life-saving insight into emergency situations
  • Customize your security solution for large crowds, based on the size of your venue, duration of your event, and the number of attendees
  • Provide Mobile IP Cameras on Security Staff
  • NLSS allows you to maintain constant vigilance over your venue
  • Secure the Outside- Monitor Parking Lots, Tailgate events, open areas and secure access to the exterior entrances
  • NLSS offers incorporate several Layers of security including video surveillance, access control, notification systems, mobile communication, duress buttons and other key components to make your venues safe
  • NLSS Unified Approach to Security is key to usability, setup and rapid response to incidents
  • NLSS Provides the ability to initiate lockdowns, Normally this is often due to the extreme nature of the event taking place and the danger it poses to people within an organization. That means time is of the essence, but too often lockdowns can be slow and laborious which can be eliminated via NLSS Platform
  • Get up Mass Notification Systems to allow all Patrons, Fans, and Guests to emergency situations and also other incidents such as a lost child
  • Video Surveillance and Access Control Monitoring the perimeter
  • Video Surveillance and Access Control Monitoring remote areas
  • Video Surveillance and Access Control Monitoring areas prone to theft
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring areas prone to vandalism
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring other high-risk locations
  • Verifying visitor identification
Unified Platform

The Next Level Unified Security Platform offers a unique solution to businesses of any size.

A networked system that integrates video management, access control, intrusion detection and video analytics into one solution. Performance and integration can be both affordable and accessible.

User Friendly

Offering a full-featured interface with one-click access to analytics and other tools, security’s never been easier. Access your security system from anywhere on any device.

With multi-site support, personnel can view multiple buildings, stores, branches, campuses and other remote facilities in a single interface.


Sophisticated features including multi-site management, intelligent analytics, advanced reporting tools at an affordable price are ideal for large institutions.

Because essential security elements are combined from the ground up, the NLSS platform contains advanced features previously only found on enterprise products, making it perfect for small or large-scale installations.

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