NLSS Desktop App

Support for Next Level Gateways and Cloud (RMS)

With the discontinuation of Adobe Flash starting January 12, 2021, current users of NLSS 4.0 will need to access their systems via our Desktop App for Windows 10 and above. You will need to use the NLSS Desktop App to access any of your current NLSS Gateways.  If you have a Cloud Services (previously ‘RMS’) subscription you will also need to use the Desktop App to access NLSS Cloud Services.

For customers who have a current and active Software Maintenance and Support Agreement, the Desktop App is available free of charge.  Please contact our support team to assist you with this installation.

If you are a Cloud Services (RMS) customer, the Desktop App is included with your subscription at no cost.  Effective February 1, 2021, RMS customers will need to purchase a subscription to continue using our RMS Service.  Read our announcement here.

If you do not have a current Software Support Agreement in place or do not wish to purchase the NLSS Cloud Services subscription, you will need to purchase the NLSS Desktop App.

Note: Mobile users will not be effected by this change. If you are accessing Cloud Services or your NLSS Gateway via a mobile device, you will not be effected. However, to continue access via laptop or desktop computer, you will need to use the Desktop App.

Price for NLSS Desktop App is $599

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