Monitor Video and Access Events together

Powerful rules engine for proactive response to events as they happen

Event Monitoring

The first unified platform with ACCESS and VIDEO triggered events – together


Some key features of our Event Monitoring System

  • Incident management system with automatic response
  • Enhanced event monitoring and linkage system
  • Event management prioritizes events and sets notifications and actions to be linked to single or multiple events:
    • For example, an access denied alarm can set the corresponding area’s camera PTZ to a preset position.
  • User definable event severities (priorities).
  • User-configurable automatic actions for specific events
  • Multiple automatic actions for specific events.
  • Support for dozens of events for Access Control, Camera, Decoder, System, User, Video Analytics, Audio Analytics and more.
  • Acknowledgement of events including the ability to enter multiple time-stamped notes for specific events.
  • Ability to select an event and automatically pull up recorded video associated with that event.
  • Historical database of events that can be filtered, sorted and searched by Event Category, Type, Severity, Device, Date, and Time.
  • Ability to “lock” an event and associated information including recorded video, so that the related information cannot be groomed or deleted until the event is unlocked.
  • Provides events that have event status of “needs acknowledge,” “open”, and “closed”.

Advanced event-notification linkages

  • Customized Trigger events based on advanced event-notification linkages
  • Correlated Event Management – Events are created in response to video, access control and video analytics
  • Automatic Event Response – Link incoming events such as motion or access denied with a specific action such as PTZ motion or email send
  • Notifications to mobile – receive notifications on your mobile device or desktop
Use Advanced Filters to display specific events
Display Events as Thumbnails and click to play

Event Management

Search video in a variety of ways, set-up alarms, archive video.
  • Standard Timeline
  • Traditional Event Table Log
  • Archive recorded events with sophisticated logging tools
Show/Hide Events on Timeline. Click to Play Event Video

Set-up alarms for specific events:

  • Motion
  • Doors Access
  • System Status/Warnings
  • Analytics such as object moved or motion.

Click on events in the event log or floor plan to pull up event pop-up, then click to view associated video footage

Automatic Event Response

  • Link incoming events such as motion or access denied with a specific action such as PTZ motion or email send
  • Trigger actions based on defined schedule
  • Change event severity or add “needs acknowledgement”

Correlated Event Management

  • Correlated event management across video, access control, and video analytics
  • Incident management with color-coded event severity levels
  • Built-in reporting tools
  • SMS and email notifications

Instantly view video events

Viewing event video is simple and intuitive with our Unified Platform Event Monitoring:
  • Click on an event in the timeline in Camera View
  • Click on the streaming event notification on any screen
  • Click the link in an email or text notification
  • Click any event in the Event Tabular or Thumbnail view
Watch event video from any location on any device:
  • View video instantly when you are notified by clicking the link on your mobile device
  • Cloud Services means you can watch for events for multiple sites from any location

Grid View and Event Queues

  • New grid view presents video events as snapshots for faster search
  • Lock queue ensure that critical events do not get groomed from the event log
  • An emergency notification flashes throughout the entire interface when a new event is added to the emergency queue

Interactive Floor Plans

  • System automatically alerts operators of potential vulnerabilities to enable quick response times.
  • Interactive floor plans are easy to build. Simply drag and drop cameras, doors, and other hardware for a comprehensive overview.
  • Events pop up on floor plan to quickly locate areas

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

  • Updated for 2021 using powerful NIVO reports engine
  • NLSS 4.0 44 charts still available for complete customization
  • Reports include data based on video, analytics and access control
  • Slice and dice your data anyway with the updated 2021 NIVO reports engine
  • View hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly data
  • View as Pie chart, histogram, XY

Access and Video events together

  • Automatically lock and unlock doors based on a user-defined schedule.
  • Trigger an event if someone attempts to enter outside of schedules
  • Combine motion events with access control to see who enters and leaves
  • Receive text or email notifications for any event

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