Wildlife Conservation, Habitat and Zoo Management

Wildlife Preserves and Conservation Habitats and Zoos have unique requirements from protecting animals, caretakers, employees, visitors, researchers, veterinarians and vendors at facilities, reserves, sanctuaries and parks.

Protecting, Monitoring, Alerting and having situational awareness is critical to these facilities and the NLSS Unified Platform offers a solution that can be tailored to meet these requirements.

Key features & benefits of our Unified Platform for wildlife and habitat management

  • Remote 24/7 Monitoring: Access your habitat video stream any time of the day and receive alerts on your phone when something is out of the ordinary
  • Monitor Health and Behavior of any animals
  • Monitor & Protect Animals, Visitors, Employees and Vendors
  • Monitor any animal that may have left, taken or escaped their areas
  • Monitor and Protect threatened species in natural enclosures in both open spaces and enclosed habitats
  • Monitor Temperatures and Environmental Conditions of Animal Habitats providing a healthy environment as well as correct any issues that might affect the health of the animals
  • Provide integrated Access Control and Video Surveillance for access to secure areas and Animal Habitats as well as offices, facilities, park entrances and storage areas
  • Monitoring Animal Feeding and Personnel Interactions with the animals
  • Location and Find any animals that may have been stolen or escaped their habitat
  • Protect and Prevent Animals any potential poachers and thieves
  • Monitor all of your cameras and access points from your mobile device or from your remote computer access to all your facilities. Above and beyond the added security, you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on your animals for health and safety
  • Theft detection system will immediately alert you to the presence of intruders through glass break sensors and door alarms
  • Access controls secure your outbuilding doors to keep unwanted visitors from entering. Access controls can be used to secure essentially any door or access point
  • Keep track of fields and property for unauthorized access or breaches in your habitats
  • Provide remote controlled internet video access to limited cameras to potential personnel, visitors, wildlife experts, teachers of the animals for promotional, animal health monitoring and educational purposes
  • Provides Cost-Savings and Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • Integration API for other third party sensors and systems
Unified Platform

The Next Level Unified Security Platform offers a unique solution to businesses of any size.

A networked system that integrates video management, access control, intrusion detection and video analytics into one solution. Performance and integration can be both affordable and accessible.

User Friendly

Offering a full-featured interface with one-click access to analytics and other tools, security’s never been easier. Access your security system from anywhere on any device.

With multi-site support, personnel can view multiple buildings, stores, branches, campuses and other remote facilities in a single interface.


Sophisticated features including multi-site management, intelligent analytics, advanced reporting tools at an affordable price are ideal for large institutions.

Because essential security elements are combined from the ground up, the NLSS platform contains advanced features previously only found on enterprise products, making it perfect for small or large-scale installations.

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