Built-in Access Control Integration

The first truly unified VMS + Access Control Platform

IP Access Control

Our Unified Platform provides fully integrated Access Control and VMS in the same product

The NLSS Platform includes a fully integrated IP-access control system giving users one interface for both of these critical functions.  Users can access and interface with the system from anywhere that they have access to the internet.  Our unified platform simplifies the installation process by incorporating auto-discovery and auto-provisioning for access control edge devices into its core capabilities. Additionally, a complete cardholder database with badge creation and printing tools are included at no extra cost.

NLSS Access Control Components

Integration with leading access control hardware vendors
The NLSS Unified Security Software Suite provides integration with the world’s leading access control manufacturers.  NLSS Gateways support IP-based access control hardware, which provides PoE (power over Ethernet) over a single CAT-5/6 cable to control card readers and lock sets.  

IP access control enables access control software to talk directly to an edge device through a network connection. As a result, access control is truly scalable. There is also a significant reduction in infrastructure cost because legacy, proprietary hardware devices are no longer a necessary part of an installation.

Key Features

Integration with leading IP-enabled access control vendors; including, HID and Axis.

  • Full line of access control panels, readers, and card technologies.
  • Single & Multi-door PoE reader support.
  • Multi Card Format Support
  • 26-bit H10301, 37-bit H10302 (no Facility Code),37-bit H10304, Corporate 1000 (via user-definable custom card bit formats)
  • The system will support user-definable custom card bit formats.
  • Mobile Device Access Control Entry (Touchless)
  • Auto-discovery and provisioning of IP edge devices.

Emergency Lockdown

  • Utilizing the NLSS Cloud, operators can initiate Emergency Lockdown on faculties for events such as an active shooter

Sophisticated access control and cardholder features

  • Complete cardholder database, enrollment and access rights.
  • Embedded badge creation and printing tools.
  • Remote door control through desktop and mobile applications.
  • Extended DHO Timeout: for cardholders with ADA enabled access. Enter the default time—in seconds—that a door can be held open until an alarm activates.

Extensive cardholder functionality built into our UI:

  • Track cardholders
  • Complete cardholder database
  • Embedded badge creation
  • Remote Door Controls via Desktop App
  • Distribute Facility Access Rights by Individuals or Groups based on Location, Time & date and other polices
  • Set up Auto Lock and Unlock Schedules on specific access doors based business hours, holidays and etc.
  • Complete Cardholder Audit Trails

Floor Plans and Facility Layouts

  • Develop Visual Floor Plans and Facility layouts with Access Control Readers & IP Cameras with the ability to centrally control across all your locations & facilities
  • The system will provide the following floor plan functionality without going to a separate application:
    • Placing on, arranging and removing doors, cameras, cardholders, decoder, users, views and sequences from the floor plan.
    • Launching camera video display from floor plan camera control icons.
    • Performing momentary door unlock.
    • Open audio communication, if the camera supports audio I/O.
    • Displaying event information adjacent to the door control and camera control icons, with the ability to manage the event by clicking the event icon to go to event monitoring window with a single click to return.
    • Generating and printing reports via an icon to launch report from floor plan (event type specific report content).

Access Control that scales to your needs

  • Scale from small standalone deployments to large scale deployments with hundreds of doors and multiple sites

Advanced Event Monitoring and Reporting

  • The system will detect events and alarms, send them to a real time display for live operator processing and simultaneously store them for future investigations
  • Built in Reporting Tools for Access Control
    • Access grant – trace (audit) access denied
    • Access denied – trace (audit)
    • Controller online controller offline
    • Door battery low
    • Door forced
    • Open door
    • Held open door
    • Unlocked door not unlocked door  secured input active
    • Input inactive output active output inactive tamper
    • Active cardholders access levels
    • Access levels & cardholders access levels/cardholders/doors
    • Others
Remotely control doors using our Desktop App and mobile applications
Unlimited Door Schedules
Use integrated floor plans to show your access control devices
Complete cardholder database for tracking and badge creation

Emergency Lockdown secures your facilities in an emergency
Events and Alarms sent to Operators in real time
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