Video and Access Control together at last

Monitor all aspects of your security ecosystem in one place

NLSS Unified Security Platform

What is a Unified Security Platform?

A Unified Platform represents a single platform and user interface for managing all aspects of your security needs.  A Unified System is unique in that it represents one platform that fully includes all video surveillance and access control functionality

Fully Open Architecture

Our Unified Platform is built on a fully open architecture, enabling  your business to leverage existing security infrastructure and devices to minimize cost. Bring-Your-Own-Device means you can connect your existing cameras and supported Access Control equipment to our VMS+Access Control and Cloud Services without missing a beat.

Our Unified Security Platform

A networked system that integrates video management, access control, video analytics, and optional intrusion detection into one solution, setting new standards in performance vs. cost.  The system’s innovative features include remote monitoring and backup, auto discovery and configuration, centralized system management for multi-site facilities, forensic analytics and much more. Next Level’s groundbreaking new product line was built around the idea that performance and integration should be both affordable and accessible.

Easy-to-use platform

A completely unique IP security solution. It combines video management, access control, video analytics, intrusion alerts and more onto a single networked platform that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time through our Desktop App. Data from these subsystems is automatically correlated, providing users with a comprehensive view of security operations.

Patented video delivery

The NLSS Gateway supports multiple streams of digital video in various resolutions and formats, and access control panels and readers from one door to hundreds. It includes a range of intelligent video analytics and operates on an intuitive  interface similar to those found in today’s consumer products.

Benefits of a Unified Platform

  • Faster response times

    Unified systems mean faster response time

    The NLSS Platform includes a fully integrated IP-access control system giving users one interface for both of these critical functions.  Using our Desktop App, users can access and interface with the system from anywhere that they have access to the internet. Our integrated system makes sure you are aware immediately of any suspicious activity.  By having Video and Access combined, your notifications are actionable immediately. Cloud Services means you can monitor a single facility or 1000’s of facilities worldwide via any device. Our mobile app is both iOS and Android compatible. Cloud Services allows you to manage user credentials and access – you can even open/close doors remotely from your mobile or desktop device.

  • One system to learn

    Employees only need to learn a single application to run all security functions.

  • Saves time and money

    One system to manage saves time and money

    Our system combines Unified and Open Platform which means setup is a breeze with only a single software platform to connect all your security devices to.  Open Platform means you can use your existing equipment or choose video and access control equipment to meet your custom requirements.

    Your users only need to learn one system – no need for multiple sessions to learn different vendor’s systems

    By having a single, unified platform for all your security needs, you will have a single point of contact with our Support Team to assist you in setup, maintenance and use of our system

  • Easy Updates

    Updating your system with the latest firmware is much easier if you only have to update a single system instead of multiple vendor systems on varying schedules

  • Easy to Scale

    Our system can support a small, single site with few cameras and can easily expand to 1,000’s of cameras and 1,000’s of Sites. No need to install new software even as your sites and hardware expands.

Made in USA

All our software is developed in the United States and hardware is manufactured by US Companies.  We are NDAA compliant.

You may read more about the NDAA compliancy requirements and how it may impact your business here.

Video Management

Protect your assets and personnel on-site and globally

The award-winning NLSS Unified Platform is a unified solution that combines video management and access control with edge analytics into a single, easy-to-use networked platform. Its features are completely accessible and controllable from anywhere through our Desktop App and it includes advanced deployment tools such as auto-discovery and provisioning.

As one of the only truly integrated IP video and IP access control systems with optional cloud management available anywhere, its architecture, features, and scalability make it the most exciting system in the security marketplace today

Access Control

Integrated Access Control  Built-in
The NLSS Unified Security Software Suite provides integration with leading access control hardware vendors.  Our open platform means if you already have hardware installed, you can use your existing hardware with our Unified Platform.

Talk directly to edge devices
IP access control enables access control software to talk directly to an edge device through a network connection. As a result, access control is truly scalable. There is also a significant reduction in infrastructure cost because legacy hardware devices are no longer a necessary part of an installation.

Mobile and Cloud enabled

Our Cloud Services option means you can monitor your facilities from anywhere on desktop or mobile devices.

Cloud Services

From a Single Site to 1000’s of Sites:
One Consolidated Interface

NLSS Cloud Services offer added efficiency, mobility and peace of mind.
These advanced service packages give users the ability to access, configure and monitor all features of their security system at a single site or across multiple sites from anywhere in the world and at any time through our Desktop App and mobile devices.

Additional services include Remote Audio Service and Remote Video Storage. A Remote Audio Service package enables two way communication between security devices such as cameras. A Remote Video Storage packages offers peace of mind as critical event data is backed up and stored off-site.

Mobile Friendly

NLSS Mobile App for your iPhone, iPad, Android and iOS devices
Our mobile app means you can remotely monitor live from you cameras.  When using our NLSS Cloud Services, the mobile app also allows playback of recorded video from and the ability to lock/unlock doors remotely.

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