Banking and Financial Institutions

Increase security and mitigate fraud

Correlated information from integrated systems

IP Solutions – Banks and financial institutions rely on video surveillance and advanced security systems to reduce fraud and increase safety. On an annual basis, these businesses invest millions to deploy technologies that help achieve these goals. Traditional analog-based systems no longer effectively assist banks in fraud mitigation. Rather, financial institutions need advanced networked tools that can leverage the power of the IT backbone to correlate information from traditionally separate subsystems — video surveillance, analytics, access control, alarm management and VoIP, for example — into one platform to increase situational awareness and provide investigators with the tools needed to mitigate fraud quickly and efficiently.

More Protection, Faster Response – Integrated, networked security solutions are vital to making an institution’s security program more effective. These solutions are designed to help banks manage and correlate security and surveillance data, while improving operations from a business perspective. Next Level’s solutions provide integrated, intelligent solutions that are cost-effective; can provide investigators with real-time and stored information to build enforceable cases; and quickly find evidence before criminals can create opportunities for loss

Key features and benefits of the NLSS Platform

  • Install as many cameras as you need for your surveillance at your sites and ATMs
  • Add Integrated Access Control to key access points such as entry doors, vaults, computer rooms and other key secure areas
  • Integrate with access control systems to monitor your office building all authorized and unauthorized persons
  • Receive real-time notifications about what’s happening at any of your sites and across your entire enterprise
  • Store video and access control data both locally and in the cloud
  • Make sure nobody’s coming in late, leaving early, or taking long breaks
  • Avoid employee theft
  • Handle conflicts with a quick look back at your video archive
  • React quickly to robbery or vandalism
  • Keep a cloud archive that can’t be stolen or destroyed
  • Monitor your safety deposit and vault access
  • Refer back to evidence in your video and access control archive
  • Deter armed robberies before they happen simply by having security cameras in place
  • Make sure your company and employees are safe with both Access Control & Video monitoring
  • Respond to duress buttons to any location with predefined rules
  • Offer your President, Department heads, and Security special access to your cameras
  • Connect any number of cameras and access control points
  • Monitor multiple bank branches and ATMs
  • Monitor Bank PCs and Terminals with Video at key locations
  • Quickly create location-independent operator workstations anywhere and anytime using cloud-based infrastructure — no matter how big your bank network is
  • Integrate with LPR (License Plate Recognition) for monitor drive in banking & ATM and parking lots
Unified Platform

The Next Level Unified Security Platform offers a unique solution to businesses of any size.

A networked system that integrates video management, access control, intrusion detection and video analytics into one solution. Performance and integration can be both affordable and accessible.

User Friendly

Offering a full-featured interface with one-click access to analytics and other tools, security’s never been easier. Access your security system from anywhere on any device.

With multi-site support, personnel can view multiple buildings, stores, branches, campuses and other remote facilities in a single interface.


Sophisticated features including multi-site management, intelligent analytics, advanced reporting tools at an affordable price are ideal for large institutions.

Because essential security elements are combined from the ground up, the NLSS platform contains advanced features previously only found on enterprise products, making it perfect for small or large-scale installations.

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