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Advanced Technology Video
A leading provider of innovative video surveillance solutions

NLSS Unified Security Platform

unified-products-globe-infographicA completely unique IP security solution. It combines video management, access control, video analytics, intrusion alerts and more onto a single networked platform that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time through a Web browser. Data from these subsystems is automatically correlated, providing users with a comprehensive view of security operations.

NLSS Gateway and NLSS Cloud Services – The award-winning NLSS Gateway is a unified solution that combines video management, access control, analytics, intrusion and more into a single, easy-to-use networked platform. NLSS Cloud Services  is powered by NextConnect,the patented peer-to-peer technology from NLSS. This revolutionary technology efficiently streams live video to multiple users simultaneously from a single NLSS Gateway and is accessible and controllable from anywhere through a web-browser and includes advanced deployment tools such as auto-discovery and provisioning.

“Next Level offers more features than any other system in the marketplace”

Integrated IP Video Management

The Next Level in Video Management
The core of the NLSS Gateway is its fully integrated video management system, which is networked from the ground-up with all system components to offer a comprehensive view of a facility’s security operations. Integrating Access Control,  LPR (License Plate Recognition), Video Transcoding, Video and Audio Analytics, HD Video Recording, Facial Capture and many other features in one, easy-to-use interface.


  • Video Analytics

    Ten built-in analytics

  • View Live & Recorded Video

    Sophisticated search and viewing tools.

  • Streamlined Video Workflow

    Quickly locate cameras with a camera thumbnail view.

  • Export Tools

    Use export tools to save or email video footage.

  • Event Management

    Events are correlated across video, access control and video analytics for one easy workflow.

  • Advanced Video Controls

    Provides PTZ control, presets, frame rates and resolution settings, CODECs, bit rates, video transcoding and dynamic video setting based on events.

  • Multi-site

    View surveillance footage and control cameras remotely across multiple sites from One interface

Multi-panel video control system can be viewed from any browser on any device;  a sleek and sophisticated user interface.

The Next Level in Video Management

IP Video Management

With our Integrated IP Solution  users manage video, access and analytics from a single interface.

Built-in Video Analytics


Remote Access through Web Browser


View Live & Recorded Video


Comprehensive Reporting Tools


Integrated IP Access Control

Fully Integrated IP Access Control System
The Gateway access control interface talks directly to IP access control devices through a network connection. As a result, access control is truly scalable. NLSS Gateways  support ASSA ABLOY/Sargent wireless and PoE locksets to provide an easy, truly integrated access control solution.

Integrated IP Access Control

Complete Cardholder Database



  • Enrollment and Access rights
  • Embedded badge creation and printing tools
  • Grant or deny access to controlled entry/exit portals
  • Detect events and alarms and send to real time display for immediate action
  • Doors associated with cameras and cameras with doors to provide one-click visibility

Remote door control through browser and mobile applications


Use for Emergency Lockdown Situations

shutterstock_1989156 copy

View video from door camera remotely for after hours deliveries


  • Complete cardholder database

    enrollment and access rights in a complete cardholder database.

  • Fully Scalable

    The Next Level Access Control System scales from small single site deployments to large-scale deployments with hundreds of doors and multiple sites.

  • Easy to use

    Auto-discovery and provisioning of IP edge devices. Embedded badge creation and printing tools. Remote door control through browser and mobile applications.

  • Integration with leading vendors

    Supports industry standard access control equipment from Assa Abloy, HID and Mercury.

  • Floor Plans

    User floor plans can be integrated into the user interface to easily locate devices.

Our Access Control Integration Partners:


NLSS HD Decoder

The uncompromising performance of High Definition

Display up to four live HD video and audio streams simultaneously to a single monitor. The NLSS HD Decoder supports multiple video pane layouts including 1×1, 1×2, 2×2, 3×3, and a customized portrait layout and is compatible with most HD display monitors. Set up custom sequences to cycle through views or pane layouts at a given speed or quickly access desired views with the included remote control. In addition, the NLSS HD Decoder automatically discovers a many industry leading  IP cameras and encoders for easier and faster deployment. It decodes H.264, MPEG-4 or Motion JPEG video. All of this is wrapped up into a space-saving, compact form factor with low power consumption.

  • Integration with the NLSS Gateway

    Push surveillance video to display devices.

  • Simple to Use. Easy to Configure.

    Auto-discover cameras and devices for easy deployment.

  • Upgrade Security

    Upgrade from black-and-white spot monitors to sleek HD flat-screens.

  • Expand surveillance with Portrait View

    Certain situations such as hallways, staircases, and aisles require a vertical field of view

  • Mixed Media Applications

    Combine public view footage with digital signage and advertising or use for public messaging.

Four live HD Video and Audio Streams

Compatible with all major display monitors

decoder-layoutsThe NLSS HD Decoder supports multiple video pane layouts including 1×1, 1×2, 2×2, 3×3, and a customized portrait layout and is compatible with most HD display monitors

Easy Event Scheduler and Setup

  • Stunning HD Picture Quality
  • Audio Capabilities
  • Auto-Discover Cameras & Encoders
  • Browser-based interface
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG

Security Applications


NextMobile Application for Android and iOS Devices


Live and Recorded Video


Mobile IP Camera

Mobile as IP Camera

Mobile as IP Camera

Event Notifications


Situational Monitoring

Mobile Escort

Mobile Escort

Monitor Personnel


PTZ Controls


Access Control

Open doors remotely using your mobile deviceiphone-open-door


Mobile Application for your iPhone, iPad, Android and iOS devices

Use the Next Level Security Systems Mobile Apps to remotely view live and recorded video on your smartphone or tablet.

  • View Live and Recorded Video and Audio

    Watch live surveillance video and audio. Stream video and audio directly from your mobile device to and NLSS Gateway and watch this video wherever you are.

  • Mobile IP Camera

    Stream video from your mobile device back to yoru Gateway for viewing and recording

  • Email Notifications

    Receive Event Notifications based upon events defined in the Gateway.

  • Multi-site viewing

    View live video from multiple cameras and if configured this way,  across multiple sites simultaneously.

  • Device Optimization

    Video streams are optimized using Next Level’s unique Video Transcoding  to best fit the viewing device and available bandwidth.

  • Situational Monitoring

    Mobile device can be used as an Electronic Escort for situational monitoring of personnel working alone or in remote locations.

  • PTZ Camera Controls

    Full video control including PTZ

Advanced Analytics

License Plate Recognition and Audio Analytics

Move from Reactive security to Proactive security with Next Level’s Advanced Analytics.

  • License Plate Recognition

    Security personnel can use this powerful analytic to track and identify parked and moving vehicles and cross-reference to database of potential threats.

  • Audio Analytics

    Audio Analytics can do what a video-only system can’t.  Detect car alarms, breaking glass, gunshots and more; events can be sent to security personnel for immediate action.

Use Audio Analytics for immediate response

Alerts sent if a car alarm sound is detected


Detects gun shots

Link gunshot event to facility lockdown

Detect Aggressive threats


Four live HD Video and Audio Streams

Interactive Floor Plans

Simply drag and drop cameras, doors, monitors and other hardware for a comprehensive overview. Events pop up on floor plan to quickly locate areas of activity.


Easy Event Scheduler and Setup

  • Automatically lock and unlock doors based on a user-defined schedule.
  • Combine motion events with access control.
  • Receive text or email notifications

Alarm Sensors


Intrusion Monitoring.

Video and Access Control…Integrated from the ground up

Video and access control work in conjunction to identify and alert against potentially harmful activity including break-ins, forced entries and tailgating.

  • Interactive Floor Plans

    Easily integrate existing floorplans for easy identification

  • Comprehensive Event Scheduler and Setup

    Ensure valid notifications with the easy Event Setup and Scheduler

  • Alarm Sensors

    Integration with one of the most respected intrusion detection systems available anywhere.

  • Arm / Disarm

    Remotely arm/disarm your burglar/intrusion systems remotely and centrally.

  • Mobile Application

    Full intrusion monitoring  from your mobile device

NLSS Cloud Services

Multi-site, Mobile Application powered by NextConnect®

From a single site to 1000’s of Sites; one unified interface. Mobile application for a full security management system on the go. Powered by NextConnect for faster remote connection to anywhere in the world.

  • Multi-site Interface

    Access multiple sites from one interface, combining Video Management, Access Control, Intrusion, Analytics and more.

  • Unlimited Live Viewing

    Using patented peer-to-peer technology, NextConnect®, viewing by 100’s of simultaneous viewers with no loss in quality. In emergencies, police, emergency response teams, facilities personnel and more can all view the same live video at the same time.

  • NextMobile

    NextMobile offers a full security management application on the go.

  • NextConnect®

    NextConnect® is the patented peer-to-peer technology powering NLSS Cloud Services

Efficiency, Mobility and Peace of Mind

Access your system from anywhere


Unlimited Live Viewing


Mobile Applications