Integrated Platform for Securing Commercial Facilities

Whether securing the front entrance to a large office complex or the control room at a production plant, Next Level’s unified security platform provides integrated networked solutions for all business types and sizes. No matter what commercial industry, Next Level understands that businesses need scalable, affordable solutions that are easy to install and maintain and can expand seamlessly with company growth.

Key features and benefits of the NLSS Platform

  • Integrated Digital Video Management with Access control systems to monitor your complete facilities for all authorized and unauthorized persons
  • Control Access and Monitor your premises including parking lots, water & rail access points, personnel gates, vehicle entry gates & areas, property, open areas, buildings, offices, secure locations and vehicles
  • Monitor lobbies, hallways, stairs, cafeterias, and other private & public areas
  • Register cases of theft, vandalism, and property damage by conveniently grouping cameras, letting you easily watch over your business facilities
  • Create lists for unauthorized vehicles and personnel with automated notifications when an individual(s) or vehicle is identified at a location
  • Monitor equipment condition
  • Deter armed robberies before they happen simply by having security cameras in place
  • Integrate with LPR (License Plate Recognition) for monitor your parking lots and entry/exit of vehicles
  • Quickly create location-independent operator workstations anywhere and anytime using cloud-based infrastructure
  • Install on dedicated WAN/LAN or on VLAN separating the Physical Security from other business operations
  • Monitor all your facilities in a single app for both video and access control
  • Securely watch video feeds on a computer or mobile device
  • Offer your administration, security, general heads of companies, department heads, and company divisions special access to your cameras
  • Integrate with access control systems to prevent employee fraud (swapping work IDs, using somebody else’s ID to enter premises, etc.)
  • Ensure that your entire facility is secure
  • Record illegal activity
  • Show customers, vendors & employees what condition and safety of their vehicles or cargo
  • Keep track of when employees, vendors & visitors arrive at and leave your facilities
  • Monitor reception areas
  • Monitor your customer service standards
  • Make sure the products you offer meet your quality standards
  • Monitor fraud committed by your staff, vendors or visitors
  • Make sure your company, customers, vendors and employees are safe
  • Track when your staff comes and goes, also noting when they are taking breaks
  • Monitor workplace discipline making sure everyone’s doing their job and are safe

NLSS Products for Commercial and Facility Management

  • Video Management

    Integrated IP Video and IP Access Control
    Next Level Security Systems solutions correlate information from traditionally separate subsystems into a single interface, giving users a comprehensive view of security operations, an approach that is not available from other systems available on the market today.

    Sophisticated Video Management
    The core of the NLSS Security Platform is the sophisticated digital video management system which features advanced display, reporting and exporting tools, intelligent video recording and archiving, scheduling, alarms, events, motion and more.

    HD Picture Quality Updates Surveillance Equipment
    For those companies that monitor front entrances or parking garages with a spot-monitor, Next Level can update surveillance equipment with better image quality and viewing capabilities. Companies can choose from any LED, LCD, or Plasma monitor and display up to four simultaneous streams of HD 1080p picture to a single monitor.

  • Access Control

    Fully Integrated Access Control & Cardholder Database
    Unlike most other security platforms, the NLSS Security Platform includes a fully integrated access control system at no additional cost. Networked access control also identifies break-ins faster and has the ability to record a time-stamped event when a door lock has been tampered with.

  • Cloud Services

    Multi-site Viewing
    The NLSS Security Platform is a fully networked system which means that all elements of the security system, be it unlocking IP door locks or viewing a video event, can be viewed from anywhere over the network. Remote management greatly simplifies an institution’s video surveillance operations by providing an interface to easily monitor an entire campus infrastructure

    Unlimited Live Viewing
    NextConnect® is the patented peer-to-peer technology powering NLSS Cloud Services. This revolutionary technology efficiently streams live video to multiple users simultaneously from a single NLSS Gateway. In the event of an emergency response team In the event of an emergency, multiple people need to view live video simultaneously including police, emergency response teams, facilities managers and more.

    Personnel can monitor operations from any location on any mobile device. Workers can use it for situational monitoring when working alone or in remote locations.

  • Audio Integration

    Audio Integration
    Included with the Gateway is the ability to send audio alerts via the Gateway’s web interface to notify personnel of an event, enabling swifter response to a security event.

    Warn Trespassers
    Using perimeter analytic, people entering a controlled area, or entering after hours can be alerted by playing a pre-recorded message.

  • Intrusion


    Video & Access Control…Integrated from the Ground Up

    Video and access control work in conjunction to identify and alert against potentially harmful activity including break-ins, forced entries and tailgating.

    • NLSS Intrusion Monitoring with the NLSS Gateway
    • DMP Integration – The NLSS Gateway can import existing panel configuration for DMP Panels XR100N and XR500N.
    • Interactive Floor Plans – System automatically alerts operators of potential vulnerabilities to enable quick response times.
    • Comprehensive Event Scheduler & Setup – schedule auto lock/unlock doors, combine motion events with access control, receive text or email notifications
    • Alarm Sensors
    • Arm / Disarm – remotely arm and disarm entries
Unified Platform

The Next Level Unified Security Platform offers a unique solution to businesses of any size.

A networked system that integrates video management, access control, intrusion detection and video analytics into one solution. Performance and integration can be both affordable and accessible.

User Friendly

Offering a full-featured interface with one-click access to analytics and other tools, security’s never been easier. Access your security system from anywhere on any device.

With multi-site support, personnel can view multiple buildings, stores, branches, campuses and other remote facilities in a single interface.


Sophisticated features including multi-site management, intelligent analytics, advanced reporting tools at an affordable price are ideal for large institutions.

Because essential security elements are combined from the ground up, the NLSS platform contains advanced features previously only found on enterprise products, making it perfect for small or large-scale installations.

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