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The Growing Need for Campus Security

Advanced security systems are critical for schools and campuses, not just to protect against violent attacks and other threats but as an important recruitment tool.  Parents and students evaluate the strength of an institution’s security program prior to enrollment.  Next Level provides integrated, intelligent solutions that are cost-effective; can proactively alert campus personnel on real and potential incidents; and are accessible anywhere on the network or via mobile devices.

NLSS Products for Schools and Campuses

Integrated IP Video and IP Access Control 

Scalable. Affordable. Reliable.

Unified Platform

The Next Level Unified Security Platform offers a unique solution to businesses of any size.

A networked system that integrates video management, access control, intrusion detection and video analytics into one solution. Performance and integration can be both affordable and accessible.

User Friendly

Offering a full-featured, browser-based interface with one-click access to analytics and other tools, security’s never been easier. Access your security system from any web browser on any device.

With multi-site support, personnel can view multiple buildings, stores, branches, campuses and other remote facilities in a single interface.


Sophisticated features including multi-site management, intelligent analytics, advanced reporting tools at an affordable price are ideal for large institutions.

Because essential security elements are combined from the ground up, the NLSS platform contains advanced features previously only found on enterprise products, making it perfect for small or large-scale installations.