NLSS HD Decoder

The uncompromising performance of High Definition

decoder-layoutsDisplay up to four live HD video and audio streams simultaneously to a single monitor. The NLSS HD Decoder supports multiple video pane layouts including 1×1, 1×2, 2×2, 3×3, and a customized portrait layout and is compatible with most HD display monitors. Set up custom sequences to cycle through views or pane layouts.

Apart from displaying camera streams, the NLSS HD Decoder can also display stored media files and streams from the Internet.

It is the industry’s first decoder that supports cameras from all major manufacturers.  The NLSS HD Decoder automatically discovers IP cameras and encoders from industry leading manufacturers for easier and faster deployment. It decodes H.264, MPEG-4 or Motion JPEG video and has 7.1 surround sound audio capabilities. All of this is wrapped up into a space-saving, compact form factor with low power consumption.

decoder-gatewayIntegration with the NLSS Gateway

Push surveillance video to HD displays. Drag and drop cameras and other video media into customized layouts and push view to external monitors.

Easily integrates into existing architecture.


Unique Features of the NLSS HD Decoder

Stunning HD Picture Quality

The NLSS HD Decoder can display up to 4 simultaneous streams of HD 1080p video on a single monitor.

Video Format

The NLSS HD Decoder supports multiple video formats including H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG.

Audio Capabilities

The NLSS HD Decoder supports 7.1 Surround Sound audio.

Auto-Discover Cameras & Encoders

The NLSS HD Decoder automatically discovers IP cameras and encoders from industry leading manufacturers for simple installation and configuration.

Browser-based Interface

Easily modify and customize video and sound settings over the intuitive browser-based interface. Choose custom source files, video and layout sequences.

Low Power Consumption

The NLSS HD Decoder replaces heavy, expensive hardware and software but measures no larger than 7″ x 1″ x 6″.

Flexible Hardware Options

The NLSS HD Decoder works with any HD display monitor and supports video from most IP cameras or encoders. It also supports various mounting options.

Exceptional Customer Service

Included in all Next Level products are full access to our online training library as well as customer support you can count on.

Security Applications

Security with the NLSS HD Decoder
Upgrade from black-and-white spot monitors to a sleek HD flat-screen display to help view even the smallest details from surveillance footage. Secure storefronts with an HD public view monitor. With the NLSS HD Decoder, video walls no longer require expensive proprietary hardware. Choose most any HD display and stream video directly from cameras without additional software or hardware.

Expand your surveillance with Portrait View
Certain situations such as hallways, staircases, and aisles require a vertical field of view. The NLSS HD Decoder breaks the mold of the traditional landscape format and offers a fuller field of view for portrait-shaped video. The NLSS HD Decoder not only supports cameras with rotated streams, it also has the ability to rotate displays 90, 180, or 270 degrees. This means that the full area and resolution of the camera’s image sensors are being utilized.

Public View Monitor
Secure stores, branches or office locations with an HD public view monitor to better deter theft and fraudulent activity

Spot Monitor Display
Catch every detail. Replace existing spot monitor displays with a brilliant HD solution that offers improved picture quality

Video Wall
Video walls no longer require expensive and heavy proprietary hardware to build and run. The NLSS HD Decoder allows customers to choose any HD display monitor and replaces large VMS servers and other hardware.

Mixed Media Applications

Most Versatile Decoder on the Market
The NLSS HD Decoder enables complete view customization. Combine public view footage with digital signage and advertising to boost the effectiveness of your digital displays.

Business Applications

Update the look of your storefront with a sleek flat-screen public view monitor while letting potential thieves know that their every move will be caught on camera. Or equip loss prevention officers with an HD spot monitor

Upgrade classroom equipment to HD performance for lectures and tutorials. Equip campus police with HD spot monitors to better secure school grounds.

Secure local branch offices with HD video performance. HD spot monitors and public view monitors will help deter crime and better equip surveillance teams with the tools they need to keep employees, customers, and assets safe

Commercial / Industrial
Monitoring activity at the entrance of large buildings is challenging due to the sheer number of people who enter and exit these properties on a daily basis. Provide your front-line officers with the tools they need to minimize criminal activity in commercial office buildings. Update black-and-white spot monitors to a sleek HD flat-screen display

Gaming / Casino
In a casino environment, it is critical to catch even the smallest details from game tables. The NLSS HD Decoder provides up to four 1080p video streams to a single monitor for unprecedented picture clarity.

Residential Security & Entertainment
The NLSS HD Decoder is not just good for businesses; it is ideal for home use as well. Manage video files, Internet content and home security cameras on your HD TV all from the comfort of your living room

Why HD? Why Now?

When it comes to detecting and identifying crime as it happens, HD picture clarity is second to none. Catch every detail with an NLSS HD Decoder, HD cameras and HD monitors. Leveraging HD technology, security operators can more clearly identify faces, license plate numbers, even automobile models to help prevent and investigate crime.

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